What is a refunding service?
A refunding service allows you to keep the item you bought from a certain store and at the same time to get your money back. For more infos, check our home page.
Will I be safe using this service?
Yes, it is actually faster and easier for companies to give out refunds rather than hiring lawyers or start investigations for one or few items only.
What should I do when I receive my item?
Try not to sign the package. If you have to sign, use a fake name/signature. It would be best if the item was left at your doorstep.
How many times can I get a refund from each store?
Usually one time only, but you can contact us and ask if it's possible to get more refunds done.
When and how do i pay you?
You will have to pay once the refund is confirmed. Payment options are: Credit Card Invoice, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, other crypto or giftcards.
What happens if I don't pay you?
You will most likely end up being billed, which means the refund will get cancelled and you are not going to get your money back.
How can I contact you?
Check the Contacts section on our home page.